Can any pet be portraited?
Of course, we love all animals and can create a wonderful portrait for any species or breed of animal. So far, we have portraited, hens, tortoises, hedgehogs, horses and fish and we look forward to creating more interesting and unusual pets.
Can I have more than one pet in each portrait?
Yes, simply choose a portrait from the multiple pets section, if you want any alterations or have more than 3 pets you can message us on Facebook or email us on customerservice@yorkshirepetportraits.info
Can the pets be in separate photos if they are going to be on one portrait?
Definitely, we use state of the art photo editing software and can take the pets image from different files.
Does it matter what is in the background of the photo?
No, we can work with any background as long as the pets head is clear, large in the frame and bright.
Can I see the pet portrait before it is printed?
Yes we seek approval on all our portraits as part of our happiness guarantee, we will email you your portrait for approval and make any changes necessary until you are 100% happy.
What if I only have a black and white photo?
We will change the portrait to be black and white to match the photograph, please note we can not add colour to black and white photographs.
Are my photos good enough?
Photos that work best are well lit in natural light. Have the pet face a window or take the photo outside (not direct sunlight). Keep the pet’s face large in the image . Lower the camera to face your pet. Hold the camera steady and take a few photos, you have the option to upload 3 on the website. This way, our team chooses the best photo for your costume choice. Avoid dark rooms, flash and filters.
Why does the website not show a preview before I pay?
The portraits are hand created and so take time to complete. We work hard to create the portrait that's just right for your pet.
Can you create a bespoke piece if it’s not on your website?
Yes, just send your ideas through to us on Facebook messenger or email customerservice@yorkshirepetportraits.info and we will accommodate all requests where we can.

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